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Toolkit Project

Toolkit Project
Snow Leopard Trust

The Toolkit Project was a beautiful project for which we did the scientific content editing, editorial design and illustrations for the Tools for Conservationists book written by Snow Leopard Trust researchers in the United States, Mongolia and France.

For the Toolkit Project we began by capturing more than 20 activities developed in the book to carry out a two-day workshop with people who work in Biodiversity Conservation around the planet. For this, we had to let our imagination fly with everything! To be able to explain each of the activities in a clear and entertaining way for the book's target audience.

The project was a great challenge, where the collaboration between SLT researchers and the interdisciplinary P&P group was key to reaching the wonderful result we obtained. Today, the book is in its final stage of development, and we hope to be able to spread the link online with SLT very soon!

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