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Native Project

Native Project
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

In the Native Project we create interactive infographics for 15 species of trees native to Central Chile in collaboration with researchers from the Institute for Sustainable Development of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

This project included the collection, analysis, graphic and illustrative development of 15 species of trees native to Central Chile to encourage their use and propagation of seeds in areas degraded by agriculture. The researchers of this project approached P&P with the idea of creating a printed field guide, to which our team responded with the counterproposal of developing interactive infographics that were easy to access through QR codes, downloadable from cell phones and open to the public. . And that was what we did!

The result shows itself! In each file we include a huge amount of information per species, but in an accessible, entertaining and interactive way for the user. To this, we added a general poster for which we developed unique illustrations for each species, in order to spread the use of the platform in rural areas of Central Chile.

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