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Surbeco Project

Surbeco Project
Major university

In the Surbeco Project we develop and implement the Scientific Communication Program of the Urban Socio-Ecology Laboratory of the Universidad Mayor in Chile.

For this, we gather information in collaboration with the researchers in charge of the project, with the aim of highlighting the main concepts and results of their research area, and communicating them in a simple and entertaining way to their target audience. In particular, we work hand in hand with the Surbeco Team to deliver scientific concepts and results, related to Urban Ecology, to the inhabitants of all the communes of the greater Santiago of the Metropolitan Region.

The Surbeco Project culminated with the launch event of two products developed by the research team: Qué Arbol App and Qué Arbol Plan. Both products had the objective of facilitating decision-making for users in charge of planting native and non-native tree species in urban areas. For both products, we were in charge of developing the promotional, launch and tutorial videos, as well as being in charge of all the planning of the event (invitations, merchandising and pre- and post-launch RRSS management).

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