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ODES Project

ODES Project
Major university

We took the Drought Observatory for Agriculture and Biodiversity of Chile (ODES) Project in 2 stages of development: in its beginnings, we carried out the brand development of the project with the aim of making visible the concepts that the team of researchers from the Universidad Mayor had in mind for the publication of the web platform with climate data that they were developing. Later, once the data collection and analysis had been completed, they contacted us so that together we could make the dissemination videos for the platform launch event.

The results are evident, in the brand development we used dynamic digital elements and metallic colors to highlight the “soul” of this project that sought to make climate data available to farmers in central Chile for production better prepared for the drought that our country is experiencing. country as a result of Climate Change. Later, the development of the brand accompanied them in the development of their web platform, for which we made the launch video in the first half of 2023.

The ODES launch was a success! After the first event they were even asked to carry out other launches of the ODES platform in various communities in central Chile.

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