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Ecological Intensification Project

Ecological Intensification Project
Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso

We carry out the IE Project in collaboration with researchers from the Faculties of Agronomy and Biology of the PUCV, with the objective of communicating in a simple and clear way the process and scientific results of their research project. Their project sought to identify and quantify the ecosystem services provided by Nature to agricultural production, in particular, to large export fruit producers in central Chile.

For this, we gathered and synthesized a lot of information, with the aim of identifying the main concepts, results, activities, field stories and papers that the research team wanted to reveal and communicate to its target audience. With this in hand, we created a scientific communication plan in which we published animated infographics with key concepts from their research for 6 months, aimed at apple and cherry farmers in the O'Higgins and Maule Regions.

Working with the IE Team was a pleasure! And the interest of the producers evident in their RRSS.

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